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Rental Policies

and helpful tips

Equipment Delivery

We always deliver and set up our equipment ourselves to assure your safety.  There is no delivery fee for the events located within a 10 mile radius of our Sarasota, FL facility.  Events located outside of the 10 mile radius will be assessed a millage fee at $3.00 per mile over the initial 10 miles.

Payment Policy

All orders must be paid for in FULL prior to equipment delivery and set up.  Rental fees listed on our website do not include the 7% sales tax for the state of FL.  We accept Master Card and Visa, cash or bank check as payment method.  No personal checks will be accepted.

Cancellation Policy

You will not be charged if you cancel your order within 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery time.  If you cancel less than 24 hour before your scheduled delivery time you will be charged 50% of the original order amount.  

Refund Policy

- There are no refunds for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled event.
- There are no refunds due to weather if less than 3 hours before the scheduled event
- There are no refunds for cancellations that are due to factors out of our control.
- The only time we will honor a refund for cancellations within less than 24 hours is if the cancellation is due to our own fault.

Privacy Policy

UP IN THE AIR FUN will collect your personal information such as name, address and contact information, prior to delivering of the equipment to the event.  We value your privacy and you can rest assured that we will never sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to a third party.

Additional Policies and Tips

1. Every climber must sign a waiver prior to use of equipment.

2. Pockets must be empty and jewelry must be removed prior to use of equipment.

3. Climbing barefoot is not allowed. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required.

4.  No shoes are allowed on the trampolines.

5. Eating, drinking or chewing gum is not allowed while on the equipment.

6. Do not swing or pull on any ropes while climbing the rock wall.

7. Do not climb directly above or below another climber.

8. Never climb past the top of the rock wall.

9. Staff has the right to enforce any additional rules if they feel the situation requires it.

Thank you

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